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Hydrafacial: This non-invasive treatment provides instant results with no downtime. Recommended for all skin types. The Hydrafacial is a 30 minute treatment that removes dead skin cells, extracts impurities while simultaneously delivering cleansing, moisturizing serums.

Basic Hydrafacial $199

Packages available. Once a month treatment:
12 Treatments $1795
6 Treatments $1015
4 Treatments $716

Add Ons:

Lymphatic Drainage - Detoxify the face or body
LED Light Therapy - To further reduce the visible signs of aging. Helps reduce acne bacteria


CT~Growth Factor – Improves the appearance of tone, texture and elasticity. $100
Dermabuilder – Reduces the look of lines and wrinkles. $50
Britenol – Minimizes the appearance of dark spots. $50

Micropeel: A unique process that begins with a light exfoliating procedure to remove dead cellular layers. Extractions are performed to clear the skin of pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. An alpha-hydroxy acid is then applied to aid in pore clarity and impacted debris. This is an effective procedure that can be customized to meet the needs of all skin types.


Micropeel Plus:  This salicylic acid procedure will help to smooth fine lines and even out skin texture and discoloration while reducing the appearance of acne scars. This procedure can be tailored to fit different skin types and goals.


Gel Peel SM:  This AHA blended peel helps to dissolve sebum cellular debris in pores, improves collagen synthesis and elastin fibers in the dermis, encourages cell renewal and improves the overall appearance of skin discoloration and texture.

Appropriate for all skin types.

Gel Peel GL:  The Gel Peel GL helps to increase hydration while improving collagen/elastin fibers beneath the skin surface as well as treating the underlying layers to aid in the extraction of unwanted pigmentation, uneven texture and aiding with the softening of fine lines. This peel will help a drier skin type achieve results without extracting the skin’s moisture mantle.


Extractions:  This treatment includes cleansing, manual extractions, clay masque and a finishing agent after treatment. This is perfect for all skin types, male or female and all ages.

Add on blue light therapy $100

Pigment Balancing Mask:‚Äč This mask works deep within the skin to lighten hyper pigmentation, melasma or sun damage. It can be used alone or blended with other agents to cause the skin to deeply exfoliate. Although this treatment is acceptable for all skin types, patients must be carefully selected. 3- days of skin sloughing or dryness is to be expected.


Body Peeling:  If you treat your face, why not address other areas of your body that may be looking less refined?

Priced upon area, time and amount of product used.

Probiotic Youthboost Facial:  Topical probiotics are proven to help:

REVERSE problematic skin conditions
REDUCE the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
DETOXIFY stressed, acne prone skin
REHYDRATE skin for a softer, smoother texture
PROVIDE powerful antioxidant activity
INCREASE oxygen for a healthy, rosy glow

Brow Tweeze and Shape: $15

Custom Spray Tan: Your spray tan will be professionally applied, in complete privacy, by the aesthetician. The process takes just 10 minutes and your tan will develop over the next 5-6 hours. Spray tans give beautiful color without the damaging effects of the sun.

We offer two types of solutions:
Summer Tan $45 per treatment
Million Dollar Tan $35 per treatment
Packages available, buy 3 and get your 4th tan free

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